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The Premier Dodge 68RFE Transmission Specialist

Dodge 68RFE Transmission: Unmatched Durability, Enhanced Precision

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Key Features of the Dodge 68RFE Transmission

The Dodge 68RFE Transmission stands as a testament to precision engineering and innovative design, setting a new standard for performance and reliability in heavy-duty applications. At the core of its exceptional design are 100% new bushings, ensuring each component operates with unparalleled smoothness and longevity. These bushings are critical in minimizing wear and tear, providing a solid foundation for the transmission's operation under varying loads and conditions.

Equally pivotal to the 68RFE's standout performance are the new single-sided Borg Warner clutches. These clutches represent a significant advancement in transmission technology, offering enhanced grip and responsiveness. The upgrade to single-sided clutches not only improves the transmission's efficiency but also significantly boosts its torque handling capabilities. This means that whether you're towing heavy loads or navigating challenging terrains, the 68RFE Transmission is equipped to deliver consistent, reliable power transfer from engine to wheels.

These key features are indicative of the 68RFE's design philosophy: to provide a transmission that excels in both performance and durability. By incorporating these innovations, the Dodge/Ram 68RFE Transmission ensures drivers of Dodge Ram 2500-3500 pickups can enjoy a driving experience that is not just powerful, but also remarkably smooth and dependable.

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Enhanced Durability: Custom Upgrades for the Dodge 68RFE Transmission

Hemi 5.7L Reman Engine

The Dodge/Ram 68RFE Transmission's reputation for enduring durability is further bolstered by a series of custom upgrades and modifications designed to meet the rigorous demands of heavy-duty performance. Among these enhancements, the overdrive pressure plate stands out, meticulously engineered to add two more clutches, thereby increasing the holding capacity by 15%. This significant improvement ensures that the transmission can handle higher torque loads with ease, providing peace of mind during demanding towing tasks or in challenging driving conditions.

Complementing the overdrive pressure plate is a custom valve body kit, a masterpiece of engineering designed to generate 30% more pressure. This kit includes triple separator plates and extra-long bolts, which together facilitate improved shift quality and torque capacity. Such advancements in pressure management not only enhance the driving experience by ensuring smoother transitions between gears but also contribute to the overall longevity of the transmission by reducing the strain on its components.

These custom enhancements underscore the 68RFE Transmission's commitment to providing unmatched durability and performance. By integrating these modifications, the transmission is not only capable of withstanding the high stresses associated with heavy-duty applications but also ensures a level of reliability and efficiency that sets it apart from the competition.

Proven Performance: The Dodge 68RFE Transmission in Action

Hemi 5.7L Reman Engine

The Dodge/Ram 68RFE Transmission truly shines when put to the test in the real world, particularly in Dodge Ram 2500-3500 pickups powered by the robust 6.7 Cummins ISB Diesel engine. Designed to tackle the most demanding situations, this transmission has proven its mettle on work sites, highways, and off-road trails alike. Its increased torque capacity and enhanced lock-up firmness translate into a driving experience characterized by seamless power delivery and exceptional control, regardless of load or terrain.

In heavy-duty applications, from towing substantial loads to navigating steep inclines, the 68RFE ensures that the power from the Cummins engine is efficiently and effectively transferred to the wheels. This efficiency is not just about raw power; it's about delivering that power smoothly and reliably, ensuring drivers can confidently manage whatever task they face. The transmission's ability to maintain consistent performance, even under high stress, underscores its design and engineering excellence.

Owners of Dodge Ram 2500-3500 pickups equipped with the 68RFE Transmission benefit from a blend of strength, durability, and sophistication that is rare in the heavy-duty truck segment. It's this proven performance, validated in countless real-world applications, that makes the 68RFE an invaluable asset to those who rely on their trucks for work, play, or anything in between.

Selecting the Dodge 68RFE Transmission

Opting for the Dodge/Ram 68RFE Transmission is a decision that embodies a commitment to innovation and assurance, providing vehicle owners with a product that stands at the forefront of transmission technology. This transmission is not just a component; it's a testament to superior engineering, designed to meet the exacting demands of Dodge Ram 2500-3500 pickup owners who expect nothing less than the best in performance and reliability.

The 68RFE sets itself apart through the application of advanced technology, including custom upgrades like the overdrive pressure plate for increased holding capacity and a valve body kit that enhances pressure management. These features ensure that the transmission can handle the immense power of the 6.7 Cummins ISB Diesel engine, delivering smooth, efficient power transfer under all conditions.

Moreover, the peace of mind that comes with the 68RFE is unrivaled, thanks to a comprehensive no-fault warranty. This coverage reflects the confidence in the durability and quality of the transmission, offering assurance that any issues will be addressed promptly and efficiently, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Dodge 68RFE Transmissions

Frequently Asked Questions About Dodge 68RFE Transmissions

What is the Dodge/Ram 68RFE Transmission?

The 68RFE is a six-speed automatic transmission designed by Dodge for use in Ram trucks, particularly those equipped with the 6.7 Cummins ISB Diesel engine, available in models from 2007 onwards.

Which vehicles are compatible with the 68RFE Transmission?

It's specifically used in Dodge Ram 2500-3500 pickups with the 6.7 Cummins ISB Diesel engine, including models from 2007 to the present.

What are the standout features of the 68RFE Transmission?

Key features include 100% new bushings, new single-sided Borg Warner clutches, a custom overdrive pressure plate, and a custom valve body kit, all contributing to improved durability and performance

How does the 68RFE Transmission enhance vehicle performance?

With its advanced design, including increased clutch capacity and enhanced pressure control, the 68RFE provides smoother shifting, better torque handling, and overall improved drivability in heavy-duty conditions.

What common issues does the 68RFE Transmission address?

It tackles issues such as wear and tear on bushings and clutches, valve body failures, and insufficient holding capacity, ensuring a more robust and reliable performance.

Are there specific maintenance recommendations for the 68RFE Transmission?

Regular maintenance, including fluid changes at recommended intervals and periodic inspections, is crucial for maintaining its performance and longevity.

What warranty coverage can owners expect with the 68RFE Transmission?

The transmission typically comes with a 3-year, 100,000-mile nationwide warranty, covering parts and labor, highlighting its durability and reliability.

Can the 68RFE Transmission be used for towing and off-road applications?

Yes, its design and construction make it well-suited for towing and off-road use, providing reliable performance under demanding conditions.

Where can I purchase a Dodge/Ram 68RFE Transmission?

It can be acquired through authorized Dodge dealers, certified parts suppliers, or specialty transmission shops focusing on high-quality automotive components.

How does the 68RFE Transmission compare to its predecessors?

The 68RFE represents a significant improvement over its predecessors, with enhancements aimed at providing greater durability, improved shifting smoothness, and better handling of the high torque output from Cummins Diesel engines.

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Used Auto Parts Satisfaction Guaranteed
Used Auto Parts Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Used Auto Parts Satisfaction Guaranteed

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